A meetup with Meetup

After the Tweet I posted a bit angry (perhaps frustrated) about the poor documentation of the new Meetup API I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Annyce Davis, Engineering Director at Meetup.

Although I wrote to her publicly with some of my complaints, we arranged to meet by video call, and I must admit that it went well. It is true that just hours before they updated some documentation and that has helped to continue making improvements, but there is still a lack of documentation.

The best of all is that they are open to suggestions and help, so, I have to admit that great. I don’t know if I must be the first fool who is playing with the new API, but every day I detect some data that doesn’t quite fit, and sometimes I don’t know if it’s something of mine, or if it’s just wrong.

The important thing is that both from your side and from mine we have obtained several notes that will help us to continue working on the project.

And, once again, gracias Annyce por toda la ayuda.