WPCalendar Status 2021-07-23

First day of serious work. Of everything that needs to be redone, I’m most concerned about maintaining the existing groups, so that the information of new events continues to work.

Currently, there are several crons that do this job, and they call two API URLs, one for future events, and one for past events. For each group, these two calls have to be made.

When starting with the new API you actually have to redo the whole connection system first, which is very useable from the existing one (the OAuth connection). The API endpoints change and so do the queries.

In theory, with a big query you can get the information of a group, it’s past and future events. The problem is that in the documentation, there is no way to ask for “more contents” than the default (20 maximum).

  • Dedicated time: 3 hours.
  • Accumulated time: 3 hours.