WPCalendar Status 2021-07-26

They’ve updated some API documentation! Although there is still part of it that is not well documented, at least with this information I can start paginating and bring information in bigger blocks.

With this change I now have the option to bring all the information of a group, the information of upcoming events (I will bring up to 25, although there are usually 2 or 3) and, finally, all past events, which serve to validate information (such as total attendees to the event).

One of the important changes I see is that the unique event identifiers have changed. In the old API, numeric identifiers were mixed with strings, and now it seems that they are all numeric again. Not too much of a concern, since you can delete the events that don’t match and add the new ones, but a big bug.

Finally, I’m going to separate the requests into 3: information from a group, information from future events (only 1 query out of 25 events) and information from past events (looping queries, although I’m going to ask for 200 at a time).

  • Dedicated time: 3 hours.
  • Accumulated time: 6 hours.