WPCalendar Status 2021-07-29

The time is coming. Everything that needs to be redone in the Meetup API can be divided into 2 parts. And the first one is almost ready.

One part is to update all existing data, i.e. update group information and past and future event information.

The other is to manage the platform, i.e. to find new groups, add and review them on the platform, and from there it “just works”.

Well, the first of the two parts is ready, which means that the main problem is already solved. In a second phase, it will even be possible to add some more data that were not available until now. But that will come.

Also, the image system has changed completely, since before they gave you the URL where the image was and now you have to generate it yourself (something, by the way, is not documented and I had to be informed about it). This is partly good and bad. The good part is that the size of the images is the one I decide. The bad part is that since you don’t know the original size of the images you can get an image that is 1:1 in 16:9 and be cut or deformed.

  • Dedicated time: 2 hours.
  • Accumulated time: 10 hours.